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Q. Where can I incorporate Madeca Cream into my skincare routine?

A. You can seamlessly add Madeca Cream to your skincare routine as the final step, right after applying your toner and serum/ampoule. If you're a fan of a simplified routine, Madeca Cream works just as effectively on its own!

Q. Can I use Madeca Cream around the eyes?

A. Absolutely! Madeca Cream is gentle enough for use around the eyes. Just be cautious to avoid direct contact with your eyes.

Q. Can Madeca Cream be used for both day and night?

A. Yes, indeed! Madeca Cream is perfect for both day and night application, offering round-the-clock nourishment for your skin.

Q. Where is Madeca Cream made?

A. Madeca Cream by Centellian 24 is proudly formulated and crafted in the skincare haven of South Korea.


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