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Powered By Science,

Activated  By Nature

Madeca Derma Story

Our history - Dongkook Pharmacy

1968 Dongkook explored around the world in pursuit of natural ingredient with healing property. Upon discovery of Centella asiatica from the wild of Madagascar, it was applied to the treatment of burn victims. 1970 With a commitment to deliver clean, natural and effective care, Dongkook developed a wound care ointment ‘Madecassol’ with Centella asiatica as its key ingredient. ‘Madecassol’ is the best selling ointment in Korea for over 50 years. 2015 Continuing on 50 year old legacy of pioneering skincare grounded in nature, Madeca Derma was born. Powered by science and activated by nature, we take pride in bringing clean yet highly effective skincare.

What is Madeca Derma?

POWERED BY SCIENCE, ACTIVATED BY NATURE Madeca Derma is built upon over 50 years of time-honered skincare rooted in wound-care. We developed a wound-care ointment 'Madecassol' with Centella Asiatica as it's key ingredient, and 'Madecassol' is the best selling ointment in Korea for over 50years.

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